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10-Cp2000 Million Dollar Hold’Em – Limit Cash Games By Johnny Chan


Million Dollar Hold’em – Limit Cash Games by Johnny Chan & Mark Karowe This book is going to show you how to win money at limit hold’em, poker’s most popular cash game. You’ll get a rare opportunity to get into the mind of one of the greatest players of all time as the authors show you how they think their way through the betting and the bluffing. No book so thoroughly details the thought process behind how a hand is played, the alternative ways it could have been played, and how you can gain a powerful edge over your opponents. You’ll learn the many different concepts that are essential for winning at poker – aggression, getting maximum value, avoiding traps, not giving free cards, getting free or cheap cards, making extra bets, saving bets, and reading players. You’ll also learn powerful concepts like playing defense, bluffing, semi-bluffing, continuation bets, isolating players, making tough laydowns, playing marginal hands, mixing up your play, and much more – ideas which will be integral to many of the hands you’ll play. When Johnny Chan, one of the greatest poker players of all time, shares his secrets, you want to privy to them. As Chan and Karowe state, “Many ideas in this book have never appeared in print before. It is certainly to your advantage to be one of the first to understand them all.” “Johnny Chan is the toughest no-limit opponents I have ever faced.” – Doyle Brunson, 1976-1977 World Champion

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