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Fame 5905 Samurai Warrior Chess Set Pieces


The land of Ninjas and Samurai brings this themed Samurai chess set to you! Although there are no Ninjas in this set, they figured prominently in the Samurai history as the ‘dark-side’ of the Japanese war culture. The Samurai were generally rather upright in their dealings, even in war, and held to codes of warfare as a general rule. The Samurai were also renowned fighters, and usually were well-versed in some form of martial artist skills. The sword was their weapon of choice, and almost all were skillful with the bow as well. This set brings you an excellent diversity of these elite warriors of Japan–from the Shogun ‘king’, to the warlord bishops, and the mounted horsemen, every piece will evoke a lively interest! Demonstrating the traditional building style of the Japanese, a pagoda tower fashions the castle of defense on every flank. Rearing in a smart manner, the horsemen are ready to dash to the coming conflict, without flinching at the odds. The rank of 8 Samurai await orders from the command, and the charming queen in her fashionable dress takes her place beside her finely clad husband. In well-matched colors, the red vs blue color theme sits very well with both players. Whether you have the red or the blue, you will be pleased with the shades and realistic figures at your command! These finely made chess sets are made of poly-resin plastic. Each piece is hand-painted using long lasting, lead-free paint. These pieces are not recommended for children below 10 years of age since they will break if dropped or played with roughly. Specifications: Pieces: Plastic resin, hand-painted, non-weighted materials. King size: 3-1/4″ tall, 1-1/8″ bases. Pieces only. Chessboard not included. Set weighs 3 pounds.

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