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Fame 5929 Greek Mythology Chess Set Pieces


Straight from Ancient Greece and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey come these chessmen of Greek Mythology in statuesque fashion! A lovely set brimming with statue-like figures of the Grecian gods and goddesses, you’re sure to be charmed by it’s many intricate details and famous characters! The history of the land of Greece is intertwined inextricably with Grecian gods and goddesses. Throughout her history, they have been very evident, and any part of the country can testify to this by the statues and figures that abound. The history of the god Pan has many different stories, yet almost all the historians agree that Pan was reputed to be a half goat/half man who invented the flute. Thus the term, “Pipes of Pan” came into being. Also, and probably the best known image, Pan was well known to be the god of good times, partying, and all associated activities. One other note of language importance, our word ‘panic’ derives from Pan himself! Other Greek gods figure importantly in this set as well. The king is a statue of the imposing Zeus, king of the gods. At his side is Hera, queen and wife of Zeus, and also in Greek history, the goddess of love and marriage. The front ranks are composed wholly of the impish Pan–what better than to have 8 of him on your side! The castles demonstrate a column of the building that Greece is so famous for–the Acropolis, meeting place of the Athenians. The knights are well represented by a centaur, whose name could be Chiron, renowned for his wisdom and training of Hercules and other ancient Greek heroes. In a beautiful styling of colors, making the set appear like stone statues, these Greek gods and goddesses are sharp and superb. With white stone opposing blue stone statues, it’s very easy to determine whose piece is whose, even though there may a tangle of 16 Pans in the center! Try your skill at controlling the Greek gods, and test whether you can overcome to become a ruler of the chessboard! Specifications: Pieces: Hand-painted, non-weighted, plastic resin. King size: 3-1/4″ tall, 1-1/8″ bases. Pieces only. Chessboard not included. Set weighs 3 pounds.

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